I know you'll have seen some of these before but thought I'd photograph them together to hopefully (?)encourage others to do a square for our joint quilt. This has been an extraordinary year ( I'm not going to say the unpre...word!) and we thought it worth marking in some way, negatively or positively! So far we've been somewhat underwhelmed with contributions (not the quality, all the ones we've seen so far have been great,but the quantity!) I'm hoping that you've all secretly got a completed square at home!
My squares are: Joe Wicks, as I've been doing his workouts every day, a jumper I knitted and then promptly shrunk (yes,another one !!), a hoya plant that we untangled and tamed, cosmos to represent a sh** storm i caused in Madley last year, a zoom meeting between Jenny,Davina,Ann C and myself on Tuesdays and me hula hooping!!!!
Hope you're all well and hope its not too long before we see each other 
Evelyn xx