We do not have a formal constitution with elected officers, preferring decisions to be made by the group themselves. That way we maintain the original informality.

Visitors are always welcome and we do not expect any payment unless they have attended three times, we would then  appreciate a contribution of £1.50 per session to help towards  our costs. We hope that visitors wil enjoy themsevles so much that they would soon become a full member.

We have an annual subscription of £25, which covers the costs of hall rent, refreshments and the occasional workshop.

A raffle is held on the last Tuesday of each month together with a Show and Tell, when we all get encouraged by what others have acheived. 

Once a quarter, on the second Tuesday of the month, (March, June, September, and December) we dedicate the morning to completing Unfinished Objects (UFOs), sharing skills and being supported by other members of the group.

We hope you enjoy your time with us