2020 QUILT

At the meeting on 3 November it was suggested that it would be an nice idea to record our thoughts on the year 2020 by making blocks, they will be made into a quilt similar to the 2014 exhibition quilt.


Blocks can be made in any medium,  so let your imagination run riot, the more variety of crafts the more interesting the final quilt will be.  

Please can we have at least one block from each member of the craft group.


Each block to be worked or placed on a piece of fabric 7.5 inches square.  The actual work should be 6 inches square and placed in the centre of the fabric.  6 “ blocks made by knitting/crochet/paper/felt etc should be mounted centrally on a piece of fabric 7.5” square.  If you don’t have any suitable fabric let us know.


There is no deadline as we don’t know how long this will last before we can all get back together.  As a block is finished it would be lovely if it is  photographed and sent to madleycraft@yahoo.co.uk so that it can be put on the website.  


Any questions, queries about making a block please contact    

Evelyn on 01981 250527 or Jenny on 01981 251115