March 2020: Every Stitch Helps…. 

In our regular Tuesday meetings, Madley Craft group members practise and share a wide range of crafts, discuss a global range of topics over coffee,and donate a number of surplus craft related items for sale to others. 

  As mentioned above proceeds from table sale items, monthly raffles and workshops are distributed annually to charitable causes. For this year, we voted to share the total we had raised between a range of good causes. A hundred pounds has therefore been donated to each of the following seven charities: 

 Madley Environmental Centre, which aims to provide environmental education and demonstrate the principle of sustainability to all ages and abilities; Dore Community Transport which provides transport and support for those of any age or physical ability in South West Herefordshire; Affinity Trust National charity that supports almost 1000 people with learning disabilities across England and Scotland, enabling them to live as independently as possible.Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, part of the national Wildlife Trust restoring habitats and protecting wildlife speciesHope Support Services a UK charity supporting young people when someone in their family has a life threatening illness; First Light Trust helping armed forces and bluelight veterans get back on their feet with practical support and Madley Charities a 400 year old charity set up by six local philanthropists to enable local people to benefit from financial support for educational opportunities. 

 Our secretary Rosemary was pleased to present Madley Charities, with their cheque when secretary Rachel Sutton called into our recent meeting as seen in the photograph below.





What started off as just wanting to make myself a rabbit turned into making six? I thought after making the female dressed one it would be nice to have a male dressed one to go with her, I had to buy the felt for the rabbits but wanted to use my scraps up to dress them and found my dad’s pyjamas and so made the males ears and feet with those then started to think, as a memory theme to make my three daughters a pair each and as I was making them names started to pop into my head. For Cara my eldest girl her pair are called George & Do a very dear couple who after her father was killed in 1983, in his memory ran fishing tournaments for some years of which the story was published in River Voices last year after she had sent in an old poster from one of the matches when they were looking for stories. For my middle girl Shona her pair are called Bruce & Vera,Shona is not a carer but loves to help the elderly and started a little business last year hence she looks after Bruce who is a very dear gentleman and his wife sadly is in a home with dementia and helps him with appointments housework and shopping and they have become great friends, he relies on her and he makes her laugh with his ways. For Melanie my youngest from my second marriage her pair are called Frank and Olive after her dad’s parents so that hopefully they will be remembered as we never knew them Frank was taken a prisoner of war in Arnham but both died young to cancer so I hope her children will ask who they were just by asking why her rabbits have those names. I had so much pleasure making them and every stitch is hand sewn.   Caroline