Welcome to the Madley Craft Group

The Madley Craft Group was formed purely by chance in Spring 2004 when a group of four friends met for a coffee in "The Stables" at Madley Church and the topic of French Knitting with the old cotton reels came up.

Then we thought how good it would be if we could start an informal craft group, teachiing each other different crafts, finishing off items that we started and never completed etc.

The main thing was that we would enjoy each other's company over a good cuppa.

Reverend Tim Jones, who was our vicar at the time, was asked if we could use "The Stables" with a view to starting up a craft group. This was agreed, and The Madley Craft Group was formed. After seven years we outgrew "The Stables" and moved into the Parish Hall in January 2012 to accommodate the increased membership, now over 60 in number.

We meet each week on a Tuesday (10.00 am to 12.00 noon), unless we are having a trip out.

Along with our increase in membership we have also seen many more crafts -- members are always happy to share their skills and from time to time we have workshops to focus on a specific craft, often led by in-house specialists.



We have donated over £7,000.00 to various local charities over the years.  The money was raised from our monthly raffles and the weekly sales table.

As well as cash donations, we have organised Bring and Buy and Coffee mornings for various national charities and also made many items.  Probably over 100 knitted teddy bears have been made for Hereford hospital  and the local police for children who have had a difficult procedure or interview. Hats were made for premature babies in Tanzania and premature clothes for Hereford hospital.  Fiddle mats and muffs for dementia patients were a big hit.

Photos of some of our charity vents and items made are in the Photos section.

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