You will be pleased to hear that it is OK for us continue with our usual Tuesday meetings at Madley Parish Hall with a maximum of 30 attendees.  The hall is deemed to be a Covid secure area but we must follow the measures I sent to you on 17 July which include:

In one door and out the other
Sanitise and wash hands regularly
Place the chairs in the bar side room after use with time of use on them
Cleaning the areas of the hall that could be touched before and after use
Keep the hall well ventilated with doors and windows open
Sitting 1 metre plus apart from each other, in a circle around the perimeter of the hall
Wear a face mask
Bring your own flask of tea/coffee if you want a refreshment
If using the toilet, ensure there are no more than 2 people in the toilet area at a time
Clean surfaces touched before and after
Wedge the door to the toilets open alleviating the need to touch anything after washing your hands.
The wearing of Facemasks is MANDATORY
If you are feeling unwell or if you think you have a temperature it would be wise not to attend.